BMW At Thirty-Eight !!

BMW At Thirty-Eight !!

In 2008, Buffet became the richest person in the world. His success comes as no surprise.He bought his first stock at the age of 11.

Through this blog, I want to target school students to help them understand the importance of saving and investment.

I was addressing the attendees of age group 16-18years, a session on financial literacy and saving habits. I also emphasized on the fact that why it was so important to be self-dependent after stepping out of the school i.e. graduating the 12th grade and indulging in “Earn and Learn Phase”. The session then included briefing the students about Mutual funds (Read – What is Mutual Fund?) and explaining them the importance of starting investment at very early age.

The session was then carried ahead on  topic i.e. SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) (Read – What is SIP?).

I showcased some figures through which it was evident how money invested at early age can help one achieve their life dreams. One amongst them asked, “Sir I want to buy BMW from my very own savings, how much do I need to save and for how long?”

I just calculated and derived a very interesting fact.

The calculation turned out to be jaw dropping! Only mere amount was required to be invested in SIP  for twenty years starting at age of 18, the amount turns out to be Rs 33,17,684. And to achieve this magical figure the amount required to be invested is just 2500Rs/ month 🙀 . Isn’t that amazing effect of compounding?

The calculation with changed factors to help you understand importance of investing from the age eighteen is given in detail that is as follows:

Suppose we consider a general practice of investing and change variables here. Instead of starting at 18, if someone starts at 23 (after completing studies), keeping the goal for age 38 the amount required to be deposited to get the same value will be Rs5385. More than double.

Start AgeSIP Amount


I hope there’s a better understanding of how saving at such tender age could get you to heights wherein one could put the cumulative funds to perfect use and reap the fruit of small seeds sown. Share this with atleast one of your friend.



(Note- for calculation purpose, expected return taken here is 15%. Actual value will vary depending on actual return)

To understand more about why just 5years delay results in such a big difference, you have to read


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