Life in Number

We are privileged and lucky enough to have access to reading this. Only 53.6% of world population are internet users.


Life with Number

Success is all about Number? Achievement is all about Number?

A student – Performance and result as Number

A working person – Salary in Number

A business man – Profit, Sales in Number

A professional – Experience in years – Number

An actor – Box Office Number

Politician – Vote Count – Number

Sales man – Sales Target – Number

Social media –Likes, followers – Number

You-tuber – Views – Number

An event – Attendees – Number

A Competition – Rank – Number

An association – Number of members

Birthday Celebration – Age in years Number

End – Years lived – Number


In Number we forget the essence of life, non-number living. 

Non Number Success, Non number achievements & Non Number Life 

Happy moments, memories for life, relationships, friends, health, sound sleep, being kind, being helpful, breath-taking positive moments, being honest, fulfilling commitments,  achievements and many more. These are also joy able part of life.   

True that Number can not be ignored, the above non number experiences even may have some connections with Number only, but the important thing is that its not necessary to have only numbers as a satisfying thing of life or a measure to feel good or happy, it can be the 2nd important thing.

Like it can be more than just rank in competition but the learning and the fighting spirit, for a businessman more than profit – how product- service changed the lives of people, preserving environment, how a working person contributed to the growth of the company or what student actually learnt and developed passion about.


This was my first attempt to write something other then finance, some life philosophies, though this was an instant writing (I’ll add more thoughts on this and edit this later on). I have got few more of them, I need an honest feedback, should I write such? Your feedback matters

The para I started with to make readers realize how lucky and privileged we are, had to be proved with number only 😊

#StayHappy # StayPositive


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  1. True knowledge….really good

    1. Thanks for feedback, 🙂

  2. Worth reading.
    Came to know that there’s also a life without numbers.

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  3. Perfect!!

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  4. Nicely drafted how a number can be so meaningful in our life.

    Good insight!

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  5. True line👌🏻

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    1. thank you bhavesh bhai 🙂

  6. Truly said, thus number game increases psychological problems in life. So balancing between numbers and Non-number aspects in life.

    1. very true Chetan bhai 🙂

  7. Yes you should write such blog

    1. Thank you, your motivation will help me to write a book now :))

  8. Truly Knowledgeable. Well defined Non number Success, Achievements and Life.

    1. Thanks Rishank 🙂

  9. Worth a read.Nicely written 🙌

  10. Nicely depicted chayan…you write more on such topics 👍

  11. *should

  12. Nicely explain about numbers

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