Retiring Age!!

‘I am 32 right now and I want to have XX million rupees as my investment value after 28 years’ – One of my client said to me at a discussion of  financial planning.

Me – why 28?

He – I want to retire at 60 (28 = 60-32)

60 – Ahh Number Again (Remember my last blog? Na? Suggest you to read this first ) LIFE IN NUMBER

After hearing to what he said, I felt nostalgic, recalling what I had heard when I was a student. Was inspired by words of someone, who said, he wanted to retire by 37. Since then I always had this in my mind, I wanted to retire at early age too. I always dreamt to try to achieve my retiring age below 40 when I started working (was 22)

Since I began my professional career, started putting all my efforts in a way that I could attain an early retirement age. But being the eldest and not having a family business to join, it was never easy. But still I kept reminding myself – 40. (Age before which I have to retire & every birthday reminded me that I had 1 less year to achieve goal)  

And NOW, I totally have a different view. (Not because I think I won’t be able to achieve it :P)

Work for Life. No retirement age.

Why a retirement age goal? – What after retirement?

Why not chose and work which I want to do it for ever, what to do after an early age retirement? 

Planning an age to retire means, hinting dislike towards the activity engaged in.

This is just my personal view, which evolved over years. Hearing others (successful people out there) and trying to imitate them, but then thinking & realising, a different perspective.

Retirement Age ≠ Attaining Financial Freedom

Above two are two different things, not interchangeable, many times misinterpreted to be same. But they vary.

Now what is financial freedom? Lets not discuss that (as it requires a separate discussion and a different state of mind). But I want to suggest a formula to derive the value of financial freedom.

(Through this video) – Financial Freedom

Multiplication factor = 100 / R

(In video R = 5, if increased, factor gets reduced. At R= 10, Factor is only 10)

The above topic is again a non-financial. Not a topic with which I started writing my blogs. But after my last blog of this genre & some direct feedbacks, has motivated me to write more of such. (Anyways I am writing a book on this genre only, not finance but some different perspective things)

I would love to hear your views on the subject. This is not science, but philosophical. I want to hear what you think. Please do share.

And also your feedback about this one.

Thanks. Wish you safe & healthy days ahead. 😊   


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